A robust understanding of our local economy enables the Board to help align workforce and economic development initiatives while generating policy based on the needs of our local employers as well as the intel gathered from our education and workforce development partners.

To help inform and provide data for decision making, The GRWDB staff compiles custom data reports, commissions research reports, and reviews analysis of trends in employment, human resources management, and workforce delivery efforts in general.

New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Labor Market Information

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Office of Research and Information provides a host of regularly updated labor market information data sets to the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board on a quarterly basis. The area’s labor market analyst also is available to help the GRWDB staff with market-specific requests initiated by different parties, including businesses.

Here are three of the latest data sets:

At the September 26, 2019, GRWDB Meeting, the Greater Raritan’s labor market analyst offered a comprehensive labor market information presentation, detailing in-demand certificates, top baseline skills, job postings data, occupational analyses and much more; the report is below.

Additionally, the NJ DLWD offers reports detailing labor market information such as unemployment rates as well as employment trends. Browse the most recent reports covering the entire State of New Jersey below.

For more NJ DLWD labor market information, visit the Labor Market Information website and explore key industry reports, employment and wage outcomes, local employment dynamics and a suite of other research resources.

For U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts about Hunterdon and Somerset counties, go here.

For further Hunterdon County information, go here. For further Somerset County information, go here.

Annual Reports

To creatively document the activities and performance of the Board and Career Centers throughout the program year, The GRWDB has made available our most recent Annual Reports: