There are four operating units often referred to collectively as Workforce Development Board, serving Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, as referenced in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014.

  1. The Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board (GRWDB) itself as the entity responsible for planning, policy, and oversight and employing staff to carry out its priorities
  2. Greater Raritan One Stop Operator as competitively selected by the GRWDB to serve as a coordinator, convener, and manager of required and optional workforce partners
  3. Greater Raritan Career Services as the provider of (re)employment as well as training and education services to individuals
  4. Greater Raritan Fiscal Agent (County of Somerset, NJ) as the recipient and custodian of federal and state workforce investment grant funds.

In order to establish a governance structure for the Greater Raritan Local Area, certified by the New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission, both Boards of County Commissioners of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties and the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board entered into a “Joint Agreement” to further define roles and responsibilities of the partners.

Among other provisions, the current Joint Agreement:

  • Establishes GRWDB Member appointments
  • Designates the County of Somerset, New Jersey as the Grant Recipient and Fiscal Agent
  • Designates the Department of Human Services of the County of Somerset, New Jersey, as the provider of Career Training Services for the Local Area.

One-Stop Operator selection

The Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board selects the area’s One-Stop Operator, through a competitive process in accordance with the Uniform Guidance, WIOA and its implementing regulations, and Local procurement laws and regulations. The Somerset County Department of Human Services provides the contracted One-Stop Operator services. The contract details how the One-Stop Operator will coordinate the service delivery of the required One-Stop Partners and service providers.

The Request For Proposals (RFP) for the procurement of a One-Stop Operator for Program Year 2022 can be found here. The response to that RFP and the evaluations of a review committee can be found here. During its June 23, 2022, meeting, the board of the GRWDB reviewed the committee’s recommendations, which had been approved by the GRWDB Executive Committee during a May 5, 2022 meeting. The 2022 Memorandum of Agreement between the GRWDB and the Somerset County, NJ Department of Human Services can be found here.

Further background on previous One-Stop Operator selection procedures can found on the Greater Raritan’s One-Stop Partners page.

The relationship

The following chart shows the relationship between the Boards of County Commissioners, the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board, State entities, the Board’s staff, and the One-Stop Career Center Training Services Operator.

Please visit New Jersey’s State Employment and Training Commission’s website to learn more about the various local Workforce Development Boards throughout the state.

The SETC Dashboard provides workforce performance data in a user-friendly visualization tool. State and local workforce data are included, based on federal WIOA reports.  As resources allow, the dashboard may be expanded to include data on additional workforce programs.

For more information about WIOA, go here.