Success Story: Mira

Mira came to the One-Stop after already being unemployed for 6 months. While she was able to secure occasional job interviews she was finding it hard to turn them into job offers. Working with her One-Stop counselor it became apparent that after working at her previous job for 20 years, she had not been on an interview or had to update a resume in a very long time. With resume advice and guidance from the One-Stop and after attending Jersey Job Club workshops for Interviewing and Networking, Mira and her counselor decided that obtaining an up to date Java Programmer Certification would enhance her previous skills in the IT field. Also taken into account was that this certification offers two higher level certifications that can be taken in the future as part of a longer term career path employment plan.

Within weeks of completing the Oracle Java Programmer Certification program, the One-Stop received word that Mira obtained a full time job working for a large New York Financial Institution as a Computer and Information Systems Manager, earning a yearly salary well above what she had been making at her previous employer. Mira has credited the work of the One Stop with forging the pathway to her success!

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